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Dayung Berdiri adalah lomba perahu yang dilakukan oleh beberapa orang dalam satu perahu dikayuh dengan berdiri. Lomba perahu seperti ini telah dilakukan oleh Suku Asmat sejak dahulu (Galeri Diorama, Museum Olahraga, TMII, Jakarta).


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I used to have very little knowledge of Jakarta and the whole of Indonesia. When I was a kid, I can only remember the name Soeharto because he was on TV together with all the other country leaders for a summit in held in the Philippines.

Jakarta is the third city in Indonesia that I have visited and I must say it is completely different from the first two but on the other hand it actually felt like I was home. There is not much of a difference from home except the language, religion and the social mind-set of the locals.

But there is one place I never expected to see in this bustling and crowded city, situated in the northern part of Jakarta is this time warping building that is culturally preserved and is unarguably one of the best sights to see in this city.

When I first stepped inside the Bank Mandiri Musuem, I felt like I was thrown back into the old time. Although my only basis for this are the movies I have seen about bank robberies in the old days. You will see a teller counter, which looks like a prison jail with all the bars that separates the teller from the customer. The old wooden tables that smelled odd topped with glass covering. The safe with all those antique locks. The older than old typewriters, classic cash register and so many other old things that I have no idea how is it called.

The most interesting part of seeing this kind of place is how it was preserved and how each little detail inside the museum tells a tale about the old times. And until now, it gives me a chill whenever I remember that first step I took entering the museum.

J Gerald C Legaspi


Catatan kecil: Manila memiliki kota tua. Intramuros namanya. Jadi ketika Gerald ke Jakarta aku ajak dia ke Intramuros-nya Jakarta yaitu Oud Batavia alias Kota. Sekilas perbedaan, menurut NW Intramuros lebih tertata sedangkan menurut Gerald tidak pernah Intramuros seramai Kota. Iya sih, soalnya lagi kami di sana adalah akhir pekan musim anak-anak liburan. Jadi bayangkan saja..tumpah ruah manusia segala ukuran di Taman Fatahillah dan sekitarnya.

Ketika kami mencapai Museum Mandiri, Gerald terpana dan senang banget karena bangunan sangat terawat. Makanya langsung saja aku mengajak Gerald membagi kesannya. Terima kasih Gerald terutama karena tulisan tersebut dikerjakan di sela-sela kesibukan menyelesaikan paperwork yang menumpuk. Salamat.


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